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We offer residential, commercial, and industrial mowing.  Pricing will depend on the size of the property.  Mowing includes trimming, cut, and blowing of all debris build up.  Pricing for mowing starts at $30, but that is for our smaller properties which usually start at a quarter of an acre.  All pricing does depend on the size of the property.

Fall/Spring Cleanups

Cleanups  consist of cleaning up leaves, plant beds, driveways, and walkways.  Sticks and any other debris will be cleaned up and hauled away.  Pricing for cleanups is based on an hourly rate and the size of the cleanup.


Power washing services are offered.  Washing can be down to houses, driveways, walkways, garages, and fences. Pricing will depend on the size of the powerwashing job itself.


Firewood is split and then delivered.  We have an 8 foot truck bed that is filled up for each delivery. Smaller or bigger delivery options are available as well.  We cut and split our own wood.  We have hardwood that is split oak, ash, and beech are our normal types of wood.  They burn slower and occasionally are harder to ignite, but do tend to burn longer.  Pricing depends on the amount of wood delivered.


Mulch can be delivered to the job site.  It can be spread throughout plant beds or the chosen place.  There are different color options red, black, and brown are the three main colors.  Pricing for mulch includes the mulch price and hourly rate for mulch to be put down.

Snow Removal

This is our newest service.  We offer residential and commercial snow removal services.  Salt can be put down for ice prevention and shoveling of walk ways is included in the price.  Pricing varies on size of property.  Minimum $30 charge for snow removal.

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